About us

Company Overview

NG Business is a registered corporation in Sweden, dedicated to offering comprehensive business solutions and services. These include accounting, financial management, feasibility studies, and digital marketing. Additionally, we extend consultancy services, leveraging our vast experience to foster new ventures or enhance existing projects.

Our profound knowledge and diversified information channels underscore the value and quality synonymous with NG Business.

The organizational, legal, and business framework of NG Business positions us uniquely for genuine, enduring strategic alliances with both individuals and entities. We prioritize building trustworthy and transparent relationships founded on mutual advantage, respect, and upholding all stakeholders’ rights.

Our mission is to provide integrated business solutions, and make decision making simple and easy.

Our values

Our core values are:

  • Passion: Is the engine that drives our company forward, it is the source of our innovation and creativity.
  • Integrity: Gaining peoples’ trust and being honest, open and ethical are our main principles.
  • Diversity: Different cultures, ideas, opinions and interests are all ways for us to bring success to our company and partners.
  • Performance: Highly qualified employees are joined together to deliver a premium value to our services.

While we acknowledge the similarity of our offerings with those of other firms, what sets NextGates apart is our commitment to transparency and dependability, coupled with our focus on delivering impactful solutions.

Our expertise

Accounting, costing and budgeting 90%
Corporate finance, feasibility studies 95%
Creative solutions 92%
Business development 96%
Contracts and agreements 95%

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