Calculate unemployment fund (a-kassa)

Use this calculator to find out how much compensation (ersättning) you’ll receive from unemployment insurance fund (a-kassa) when you become unemployed.

A-kass usually pays up t0 80% of your salary for the first 200 days and up to 70% for the next 100 days. They can extend the period in some cases.

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This result is based on your average income during the last year. It assumes that you’re a member of a-kassa. To find out what terms and condition applies for being a member, you should visit their website and read the information.

If you are not a member of a-kassn you’re still able to get a basic compensation from alfa – kassan.

There are 27 a-kassor in Sweden. Here you will find suggestions on which of them you can apply for membership, depending on the type of work you have. You can join some cash registers regardless of the industry in which you work, while others are specialized in a particular profession.

Please contact your a-kassa for more accurate information.