Calculate vehicle tax (fordonsskatt)

Use this calculator to find out how much vehicle taxes (fordonsskatt) you will pay for your car?

Vehicle tax is determined by a number of parameters like fuels and carbon dioxide emissions, vehicle types, or time when the vehicle started for the first time.

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Vehicle tax is paid every year for most types of vehicles; cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, tractors, motor vehicles (with a maximum service weight of 2000 kg), trailers (with a total weight of more than 750kg) and heavy terrain cars. However, the above calculations apply only to passenger cars.

Some environmental cars are tax exempted during the first five years from their use. You also do not have to pay vehicle taxes for veterans and motorcycles over 30 years old. All motorcycles have a flat tax of SEK 180 per year.

Visit this link to find more details about vehicle taxes.

Contact Skatteverket or Transportstyrelsen for more information.