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Many reasons motivate you to invest in Sweden

The specialists in economic studies have identified internal and external factors, affecting your investment projects in general.

– The internal factors are usually under your control, for example the cost of marketing campaign you intend to allocate to promote a particular product in your business.
– The external factors are usually not under your control, so companies follow different methods and policies to mitigate their risks. Some external factors are:

  • Exchange rate.
  • Number of competitors in the market.
  • Wars and political and economic instability.

There are several important economic, social and political reasons for investing in Sweden:

1- Political stability and its most important advantages:

  • The peaceful transfer of power, which has been going on for decades without any problems.
  • The role of press and media and the prosecution of legal, and political excesses, no matter how big or small they are.
  • Being not involved in wars. Sweden did not envolved into any war for more than 100 years.
  • Friendly relations, economic and social integration with the European countries in general, and the Scandinavian countries in particular.

2. Advantages of the economic situation:

  • Sweden’s stunning infrastructure of road networks, telecommunications, banking and financial services, energy, etc.
  • The diversity of real investment opportunities, industry, tourism, real estate etc …
  • Economic independence, opportunities for substantial growth of the Swedish economy in various sectors.
  • Technical and industrial progress in many areas.
  • Full electronic government services.
  • The availability and diversity of forms of employment, especially that Sweden has received and received large numbers of immigrants from Arab and non-Arab countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other African countries and working to raise their scientific and practical qualification.
  • The rate of crime and theft is significantly reduced because of the welfare system and social services to the unemployed.
  • Free education and health insurance which save a lot of costs to investors.
  • Taxes are levied only if companies achieve profits.
  • You can open a branch of your company or start a new company with a simple capital estimated by 6000 US dollars for a joint stock company with limited liability, and the registration of the company does not require a period of time more than two months.

The most important advantage, of your investment in Sweden, is the possibility of obtaining your residence, and later on, the Swedish citizenship, after a few years of your investment.

Why NextGates – Business

Who is NextGates – Business? What are services we can offer?

We are a limited Swedish company. Registered in the registration office “bolagsverket”. Our activities cover whole of Sweden kingdom. We work in the business sector and offer by our qualified staff different services.

Our staff speak several languages like Arabic, English and Swedish.

The variety in business services provided by us, make your entry into Sweden investment very easy, in addition to our unique advantage, the ability of following up the incorporation with legal, financial and taxes issues, which keeps you safe from any risks you may encounter, due to the lack of information in local rules and regulations.

Our services can be summed up as follows:

  • Prepare feasibility studies according to the international standards.
  • Communicate with the different governmental authorities and agencies like registration office, taxes authority and the immigration department for obtaining visas and residence after the establishment of the company.
  • Communicate with banks and financial organizations to open bank accounts, documentary credits and issue letters of guarantee.
  • Communication with public and private business enterprises for business, service, commercial agencies.
  • Providing financial statement and tax reports to the competent authorities in accordance with the laws of Sweden.
  • Website design for your company, which can includes Swedish language.
  • Perform different marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Customs clearance of various goods.
  • Train employees in management, accounting and information technology sectors.

Our goal is to clear the way for companies and individuals, and build strong relationships with our customers.

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