We are a limited private company

We are a limited private company

In a response to many messages and comments received from individuals, who had unpleasant experience with some local, or private companies, regarding starting and developing new projects, consultations and guidance. We decided to launch our free consultation service online.

At NG Business, we are a private limited company that is entirely self-funded. We do not receive any financial support from local or private entities, whether within or outside of Sweden, nor are we affiliated with any public, private, or political organizations.

We offer basic legal and tax consultations for free, to help people start their own projects, or to develop existing ones. The advanced consultations and other services come with fees depending on the service. We are keen to provide reliable, and high quality solutions at reasonable prices compared to what it usually costs in the local market.

We also have social goals, of raising awareness among the migrant community in particular, by highlighting sensitive laws and information related to business sector, such as accounting, and taxes.

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