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The practical guidebook to learn how to establish and start a new business in Sweden.

This book consists of 18 chapters, 386 pages, illustrated, colored cover and written in English language. It includes the following topics:

  • Business Types and Differences
  • Taxes in Sweden (Skatter)
  • Write a Business Plan (Affärsplan)
  • Write a Business Model and Budget
  • Register a Sole Trader (Enskild Firma)
  • Starting a Limited Company (Aktiebolag)
  • Shares in the Limited Company (Aktiebolag)
  • Reporting the Real Principal (Huvudman)
  • Business Funding Methods
  • Employment and Workplace
  • Trade Unions (Fackförening)
  • Unemployment Fund (A-Kassa)
  • Employer Collective Agreement (Kollektivavtal)
  • Sourcing and Recruiting Employees
  • Writing a Job Contract
  • Business Insurance and Applications
  • Business Tax and Financial Reports
  • Income Declaration (Inkomstdeklaration 1)
  • Income Declaration (Inkomstdeklaration 2)
  • Annual Report (Årsredovisning)
  • Copyrights and Brands Protection
  • How to Apply for IP Rights

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About this Book

This book is designed for anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of establishing and growing companies in Sweden. It’s not only for beginners but also for those who have already started small businesses and find themselves needing more information about legal structures, taxes, employment conditions, insurances, funding, and financial statements.

Written with the “read and do it yourself” principle in mind, this guide doesn’t just present information and leave you to your own devices. Instead, it delves deep, offering practical insights beyond mere theory and showcasing solutions in an easily digestible manner.

Starting a business is an overwhelming process, with countless ideas and questions swirling in one’s mind. While it’s possible to seek answers from official authorities or online resources, the available information often falls short of addressing the most pressing issues and can be time-consuming. This book aims to save you valuable time and potentially money that you might otherwise spend on consulting and accounting services.

Book Creation

The path to completing this book was marked by dedication and countless hours. Across numerous months, it required deep thought and a relentless pursuit to shape its content seamlessly. My research was vast and varied, encompassing information from a diverse set of sources. My commitment to detail and accuracy was unwavering. Drawing from my background in business studies and technology, I infused this book with both knowledge and design. While the main language is English, I’ve sprinkled in relevant Swedish terminology for added clarity. As my native tongue isn’t English, I hope readers will overlook any minor linguistic oversights. However, constructive feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Please be aware that this book, dated 2023, contains visuals from web platforms linked to different entities. As digital landscapes evolve, these platforms may undergo modifications in content or design. Even though the underlying themes tend to remain stable, you might encounter variations. In such instances, it’s recommended to refer to the latest versions of these sources.

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This book is an original work and copyrighted under its author name; thereof, it may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the author’s express written permission.

Few images used in this book are used for educational purposes under fair use that is allowed by law; however, if owners don’t want them to be used, they can contact me to remove them immediately.

Warning and Disclaimer

I’ve made every effort to make this book as accurate as possible, but no warranty is implied. The information provided is on an ‘as-is basis. The author and publisher shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity regarding any loss or damage incurred or alleged to have directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. You as a reader hereby agree to be bound by this disclaimer when using this book.

Complaint and Feedback

I hope that you find this book useful and support me with positive feedback and reviews. I would be delighted to address any comment or feedback that readers find important. I can receive your feedback on this email: anas.mokayad@ngbusiness.se


2nd Edition | 2023

Authored and published by Anas Mokayad

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