About Ask us

Question and answer section (Ask us) is a participatory service that allows anyone to submit a question in specific categories to the public. Members and service administrators will be able to comment and answer, but it requires that they have sufficient experience and knowledge when it comes to the question’s answer.

Why have we added Ask us service?

After a private study on a various type of forums, groups, social media pages and websites, in which most of them were created in the first place to help people finding the best answers and solutions for their inquiries in different aspects of life in Sweden. They were oriented for Arabic speaker in general and for newly arrived people in particular.

We’ve found the the outputs are insufficient and unconvincing! If you take a quick look into these pages and groups you will find that most of them are random, misorganized, useless conversations, and the most important thing is the inaccuracy of the provided answers, without referring or adding the sources of information on which answers were based to.

For all of these reasons, NextGates – Business administration has decided to launch this section. The individual initiative aims to change this reality and help everyone by opening the door for those who have the experience to step over the stage and present themselves. The platform allows them to build their profiles for free, so they can participate in the best way that reflects their experience and knowledge in providing answers to all individuals and community involved.

Privacy policy

To read about how we handle your personal data, and the rights you have over your account please read our privacy policy – ask us section.

Main features of the service

These features are designed to give the members the best use experience

Includes the following categories: Tax issues, Study, Employment service, Social Security, and Swedish language.
Public access
Anyone can read questions and answers, but only registered members can engage them.
Documenting Answers
Answers must be documented by sources and will be audited and reviewed by section admins.
External review
During review mode, the questions might be sent to a private or public organization to be answered.
Posting important only
There is a special publishing policy, where only important questions will be posted and others will be deleted.
Swedish language review
Answers will be reviewed by a competent person to confirm the correct answer.
Filtration and search
Integrated filters and search tools to ensure quick access to information.
Email notifications
Users will be notified via e-mail when they have update that concerns them.
User profile
Profile pages will be created for active and on-site participants including all of their activities.
To encourage qualified and experienced users to participate, points will be added based on their activities.
Social Media
Link the service with our social networking pages to ensure important topics reaches people.
Negative comments
Service is a purposeful project and will not allow inclusion of negative or abusive posts.

We need to have your approval before joining the service, so it is important that you read our Terms and ConditionsAsk us Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before joining the service. The policies links will be displayed and required while you register a new account on our website or when you try to join the service.