Evaluate ideas and projects


In Sweden, as in most countries of the developed world. There are different organizations interested in adopting new ideas and projects. They take owners’ hands, and work together step by step to turn their ideas into reality. It becomes a real projects that produce income and profit for the owners.

The hurdle of communication (Language) between specialists, consultants, entrepreneurs, and idea owner remains the main obstacle that stand between the owner’s dreams and those experts. Experts can solve a lot of problems, making things much easier, and achievable, but they need to be contacted first.

Our solutions

We are at Next Gates – Business have qualified experts, who are ready to discuss new project ideas in your native language, to provide a unique services in this field, as we do the following:

  • Listen to the owners of new ideas or projects.
  • Evaluate the project or idea of ​​the project scientifically, and provide an opinion on the possibility of applying the idea or not.
  • Project and SWOT analysis of the project.
  • Perform a Business Plan for projects if the project or idea is feasible.
  • Prepare an economic feasibility study for the project, and keep track with the owner until registering the company, and running the project activities.
  • The ability to communicate with financing entities, if the project idea is unique.

NextGates Business – Feel free to contact us for more details. We will be glad to advise you for free, and to offer you a competitive prices for this services.

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