Register a new company in Sweden


Registering a company is your first step to start a business activities. It requires a lot of work and contact with different authorities, like banks, municipalities, companies registration office and tax agency, etc… You’ll need to submit an applications, follow the procedures and provide the required documents and fees. Once you’ve decided to start a business you should choose one of the following business legal forms:

  • Sole trader
  • Trading partnership
  • limited partnership
  • Limited company
  • Economic associations
  • Non-profit organization

There are different types of business companies available in Sweden, like all other countries around the world. For each legal form there is a special regulations, laws, characteristics, and advantages, in which they affect the company in many aspects like management, profit, taxes, etc…

It’s very important for you as a business owner with a business idea, whatever it is; trading, industry or service to compare between these specifications to know which one is the best form to the business.

Our solution

We have experts ready to help you choosing the right legal form, that best describes your current or potential activities.

This service is available for both people living in Sweden, or investors who want to run their business in Sweden. Our solution includes the following services:

  • Direct contact by an expert with the client. It can be done at our physical office or by arranging online meetings.
  • Study and analyze the business activities.
  • Decide together with the client the best business type that suits his/her activities.
  • Prepare business plans.
  • Handle all required papers and procedures, by contacting bank, tax agency and companies registration office to get permissions and approvals.
  • We guarantee data privacy while processing the client information.

NextGates Business – Feel free to contact us for more details. We will be glad to advise and offer you a competitive prices for this services.

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