Perform marketing and promotional campaigns


The goal of any project is to make a profit, or a material return from it. Marketing is one of most effective tool for reaching customers and consumers, introducing them to the project’s services and products.

The creation of marketing plans, and planning a successful promotional campaigns should be done by specialists and experts. They usually use the latest methods and innovations to reach the target segment. Those experts have the greatest impact on achieving high sales figures, performing a rewarding financial return. They will drive the business into success, progress and expansion.

Our solutions

At Next Gates AB we offer the following marketing and promotion services:

  • Study the project from a marketing perspective and identify the target segment of consumers.
  • Develop model marketing plans for new and existing projects.
  • Prepare a time cost study for the marketing campaign.
  • Choose the right marketing tools and communicate with them.
  • Advertising and brochures for the project.
  • Logo design for companies and projects.
  • Web Design
  • E-marketing using different social media applications.

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