Reorganization structure


Many companies have a serious issues with losses, small growth ratio, low quality, decrease in sales, and decrease in market share, etc…

This type of issues can drive companies to a termination, and cause to liquidate them, if the owners or the managers don’t seek for real solutions for their companies. This issues are like an ice ball, that starts small, then it becomes bigger and faster as it rolls down.

Our solutions

  • Analysis the current business activities in general. To estimate the feasibility of it by calculating the break even, and closing points of the companies.
  • Comparison study between the labor forces, and current activities.
  • Advice a strong decision making about excess the labor forces (transfers, training, fire-out and other), depending on a scientific study.
  • Review all type of costs (costs, variable).
  • Evaluate the supply chain operations.
  • Follow up the internal control system.
  • Estimation study for potential growth , close and bankruptcy.

This type of services can transfer the negative results to positive ones, and mitigate the costs of these companies or stop it.

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