Taxes services and financial statements


Financial statements are the submitted reports that reveal your financial position. Usually, these type of reports are requested by taxes authorities.

They’re not only used for taxes purposes. They are very important statements to evaluate your activities, and disclosure the strength and weakness points in your business.

Evaluating a running business, and activities expansion is considered a complex operation, because it deals with many variations which affect the business, and require a deep and professional analyses.

Whatever your activities, or type of business. In Sweden you should pay taxes, and there are no exemption for taxes at all, whether your business is small or big.

There is an exempt in case that your activity is classified as a hobby, but if you start to gain money from it, you will be imposed by taxes.

Definitely this is the case in many countries around the world. Taxes are an important aspect of financial process, as one of the main sources of incomes of the government. Authorities will control, scrutiny audit, and review the taxes laws related to your submitted reports.

It’s important to fully understand what is required from you concerning taxes, because this details will affects all aspects of your business, and can affects your social life in Sweden too.

Taxes declaration is always your responsibility. The accounting company working with you doesn’t hold any responsibility against this at all, so we advise you to wisely choose a professional, trustful, and qualified accounting company. Declaration is serious act, mistakes can threaten the company’s existence in case that tax authorities discovered irreverence in your documents.

Our solution

There are different type of reports you should send to the tax agency in regular basis (monthly, quarterly, each half year, and yearly) etc…

As a professional business solution we will perform these services:

  • Taxes reports.
  • Final financial statements
  • Representing the customer’s company with taxes authorities
  • Employment documents and reports.

Other type of finance and managements services:

We believe that our mission doesn’t stop at taxes services, but it goes beyond that, to offer other type of services that facilitate your business and enhance, organize and develop your it through package of solutions:

  • Budgeting and variances calculations, support correction actions.
  • Financial statement analysis.
  • Write the agreements between the partners, companies or other parties in different languages.
  • Make a regular meeting with our customer before and after the financial reports to explain the financial position to them.
  • Offer recommendations and advises in professional method to develop the customer’s business.
  • Make a regular field visits to listen and help customer identifying the problems.

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