Starter website design package

About starter website design

In this package we will develop a website for your company. The goal of this website is to provide your company with an online presence and to provide current and prospective customer vital information about the company’s business operations.

The website includes one year domain and hosting, 2 email addresses, secured connection, fully designed 4 pages (Home, About, Contact, Services), sliders, contact form and Google map.

The design process consists of four phases: Concept, Design, Technical, and Testing.
In the concept phase, we begin working by outlining the basic flow and gathering text and images for the website. In the design phase we create digital artwork for the outlined webpages and integrate the images and text. In the technical phase we enable the website server, domains and add interactive functionality like forms and emails. In the testing phase, we check the entire website to make sure it is operating as expected.

Starter package details and terms

Web design is a complex task that requires a lot of interaction between graphics, images, servers, hosting, contents, and costs. We have added this section to make it easier for you as a customer to understand the important points related to the website project under starter package.

Starter package covers the following options and features:

  • 1 year domain and hosting.
  • The website is using secured protocol SSL
  • 1 design will be offered.
  • Number of pages are 4 including home page.
  • Home page includes a slider with one slide.
  • Up to 4 licensed images.
  • 2 email addresses will be created.
  • Multi-layer menu is supported.
  • Responsive design to ensure that website will work on all display screens.
  • Audio and video embedding into pages and posts are supported.
  • Contact us page includes contact form linked to your email.
  • Contact form is protect by Google Recaptcha.
  • Contact us page has the business location on Google map.
  • Social media buttons.
  • Share buttons are inserted under each post/page.
  • Editor access to dashboard that allows you to add/edit or delete pages, testimonial and posts.
  • Blog section is enabled with categories.
  • Cache improvement is enabled to ensure faster pages loading.
  • 30 minutes training is included.
  • Back up is generated by the hosting and will be provided when needed.
  • Security is running by the hosting.
  • Free support is open for the first 10 days.

Additional information:

Please be advised to these important points related to our Starter package:

  • The package features are listed above and the cost is one time fixed price.
  • Domain and hosting renewal fees are about 1,500 kr per year.
  • You will be notified one month before expiry dates so you can renew domain / hosting subscriptions fees otherwise you might lose files or the entire website.
  • The hosting is designed for a small business website, if you want to have more resources it will require more fees.
  • You don’t have direct access to Cpanel. This package is administered by hosting plan admins.
  • If you want to transfer the domain to your own account. We can do this with one time administration fees 400 kr.
  • We create a backup for a website each time we update the contents in case something wrong happened, so we can retrieve the information.
  • We can provide you with your database data whenever you wants, but you should understand that you don’t own the property of the design / theme or customized plugins, and it is not allowed to sell the work to other people. The work is licensed for your single use only.
  • You will be given access to the dashboard as an editor, so you can add/edit or delete any post, page or comment. You will be able to do many things except editing the main settings.
  • You can manage to run your website by yourself or you can ask for our support. We offer support (Maintenance contract) to fix issues and maintain the website with 500 kr per month.
  • Any additional work or features will require more fees. For example if you want us to add more pages, design product images, slides, or add more plugins, we will calculate the requirements and send you an offer with the cost.
  • Adding new page with one related image costs 600 kr.
  • This package does not support multi-language, if you want your website to support other languages, it will cost you 2,500 kr to add this feature.
  • Each page translation costs 400 kr.
  • If you need more training you can have additional online training session with 800 kr per hour.
  • You will provide us with all text, information, and any images if available.
  • Google business account and social pages are not included with the package.
  • Adding Google business account with location and description costs 2,500 kr.
  • Creating social pages on Facebook and Instagram costs 1,000 kr.
  • Note that renewal, additional features, additional training, and cost rate fees may changes, and the current prices are based on time of agreement date.

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All prices doesn’t include Value Added Tax (moms).

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